AltDB is a free-to-use Internet Routing Registry for Autonomous Systems to publish their BGP routing policy as RPSL objects.

Create a Maintainer Object

To request the creation of a new maintainer object, send a plain-text email to [email protected].

While AltDB supported MAIL-FROM authentication in the past, it is inherently insecure and is now deprecated. New maintainer objects need to use CRYPT-PW for authentication. Existing maintainer objects currently using MAIL-FROM need to be updated as soon as possible to use CRYPT-PW as we will soon end support for it.

Submit IRR objects

To submit IRR objects once you have a maintainer object, send a plain-text email to [email protected].


If you're just getting started with IRR usage, there is a quickstart guide to documenting prefixes with IRR.

To create the encrypted string for CRYPT-PW authentication you can use this tool.